Coaching in the work environement

Coaching helps overcome the most important challenges of your team: interpersonal skills and effective communication

My work experience in the corporate world and my various contracts and visits that I’ve had with my collaborators helped me identify some major challenges in the work environment, no matter the field of activity: stress, lack of motivation, lack of interpersonal skills and wrong use of language.

In the personal coaching that I do with my clients, I have noticed that most of the people complain of and suffer because of problematic relationships or the inability to connect efficiently with a partner, a boss, a coworker, a family member or difficult clients.

Doing the job is usually the easiest part. It is how we relate with the team and others in the work environment and how we position ourselves in that team that is usually the most challenging part.

We all have our own interpretation of the world and when my interpretation doesn’t match yours, we believe we have a problem. We start disliking each other and a gap gets created which in time gets harder to overcome. However, no matter how big the gap or how old the story is, there is always a common ground and it is much easier to reach it than you think. It is so easy, that it will actually make you smile when you will learn about it.

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It is easier than you think

No task is difficult in life. You just need to right knowledge and tools to get it done. Sometimes it is a matter of taking the time to talk about things and reframe how we see a situation. We all have our strengths and our so called weaknesses, but we can all bring value to our team and take things a little lighter, with some humor and with a more enlightened vision.

Most of the conflicts and the stress in the work environment can be drastically reduced by simple tools and techniques that can be easily learned and applied by anybody. Allowing yourself and your employees to expand into a more enlightened version of themselves will be a win win scenario. Learning more about our own nature, about our mind and learning how to use this machine called the human body is the key in any personal and professional endeavor.

It is tendency these days to move into a more environment friendly approach to business, to cultivate respect to nature, recycle and protect our planet. In this context, I know that you will agree with me on the fact that the first environmental factor to consider is the human factor: the employees, their health their wellbeing and their level of happiness, motivation and satisfaction with their job is fundamental to the success of your enterprise.

Apart from the individual coaching, we can organize group seminars and workshops on various subjects:
  • Boost your self-confidence for yourself and for your team
  • Learn how to communicate efficiently to get things done
  • Master your emotions, master your mind (the three levels of mind -1 day workshop)
  • Establishing report and increasing interpersonal skills
  • How to make people like you, means of persuasion
  • Tools for dealing with difficult people and difficult customers


Your capacity to change is far greater and it is much easier than you imagined..


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